The world should learn not to repeat such tragedies

Dear Colleagues,

We are a group of Ukrainian scientists asking for your help in stopping the aggression against our country and helping Ukraine reach a peaceful solution to the problems it faces. Regardless of which language we use in our families or professional lives (e.g., some speak Ukrainian and some speak Russian), we are citizens of Ukraine and we are convinced that no part or region of our nation needs “help” brought by the bayonetsof outsiders. Moreover, the presence of the foreign troops on our soil will have both short- and long-term destabilizing effects on our society. The aggression must be stopped before it escalates into an uncontrollable situation.

A few words to our colleagues and friends from Russia: Your freedom tomorrow starts with our freedom today. Help us by protesting your government’s actions and by refusing to participate in a disinformation campaign against Ukraine. To freedom, ours and yours!

Over 80 years ago a dictator came to power in Europe. He also hosted the Olympic games, and he also started by “assisting” ethnic minority across the border in a neighboring country. We all know what a tragic mistake it was to let him get away with it. The world should learn not to repeat such tragedies.

Anna Elskaya
Professor, Member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NANU)

Oleg Kryshtal
Professor, Member of NANU

Valery Kukhar
Professor, Member of NANU

Vasyl Chekhun
Professor, Member of NANU

Andriy Sybirny
Professor, Member of NANU

Vadym Kavsan
Professor, Member of NANU

Alla Rynditch
Professor, Member of NANU

Mykhaylo Tukalo
Professor, Member of NANU

Vitaliy Kalchenko
Professor, Member of NANU

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Уведомление о

английский малеха как у нас в деревне, ну да ладно, понять можно..
неожиданно читать такую подзаборную солянку на уровне дворовых разговоров от академиков-то..
даже я, который искренне против политики властей РФ во многом, ито начинаю сомневаться в своей правоте после такого письма, которое по сути является «антипризывом», почему-то чешутся руки, сделать наоборот, чем написано))
Хотя, конечно, их гнев понять можно, но нужно же его вразумные слова облачать.
Репутация у нас одна…

Каменный остров, резиденция К-4
Каменный остров, резиденция К-4

Трагическая ошибка в том, что ваши фальшивые письма еще где-то публикуют.
Если так любите Крым — пообщайтесь с его жителями напрямую. Любители информационную муть вокруг да около устраивать! И Яроша отловите и посадите, иначе как пособники фашистов будете!

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